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COM Service

COM (Computer Output to Microfilm) is a process of storing data from mainframe or magnetic tapes onto Microfilm.  Besides, it can save main-frame memory, increase working efficiency, reduce costs for paper printing, copying, distribution.  Also, it serves the following benefits:

Legal Copy
COM has been served as legal copy for a long time.  It became a standard form of legal document all over the world.

Eye Readable
Microfilm can be read by simply a magnifier.  It does not necessary need any electronic device to view it.

Technology Independant
Microfilm has been invented for amost a centray.  Unlike other technology the standard will not change due to technical upgrade.

Low Running Cost
Using COM to store computer print-out report reduce cost significatly.  It saves cost to purchase paper, store and distribute paper document.

Environment Protection
The technology saves thousands of papers; hence saves thousands of trees.

COM system can store Chinese / English, numeric characters, and also bitmapped image.  The production of COM is as follows:

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