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COLD Service

COLD (Computer Output to Laser Disk) is a process of storing data from mainframe or magnetic tapes, per-printed forms and together with indexes onto CD-ROMs.  Besides, it can save main-frame memory, increase working efficiency, reduce costs for paper printing, copying, distribution.  Also, it serves the following benefits:

Easy to Use
Our COLD system is running on Windows 95, Windows 98, NT.  A click on mouse, you can easily find every information, reports, and etc. that you need.

Instant Search
All reports are indexed.  Therefore, you can enjoy power of index search including, wild-card search, range rearch, and more.  You can find a report among thousands of reports within a few seconds.

Data Mining on Index database
Do you want all your sales figures in the last three months?  COLD's powerful index database allows you to search any relational data you want.  Just a click, information is here.

Low Running Cost
Using CD-ROM for storage can reduce your running cost significatlly.  A 500MB storage capacity CD-ROM only costs you as low as fifteen HK dollar.

Information Export
Any information of the reports can be exported to any Windows applications for furture manipulation.

COLD system can store Chinese / English, numeric characters, and also bitmapped image.  The production of COLD is as follows:

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