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Document capture offen accounts for 80% or more of the ongoing labour cost of a production imaging system.he labour cost comes from many places.Mailroom clerks to sort and prep the documents.Scanner operators to run the scanners.QA inspectors to ensure that the documetns are readable.Keyboard operators to index the documents.Recan operators to rescan pages that are rejected by QA.And more...  

Kofax is a high-volume scanning and indexing application that lowers the cost of document capture by reducing the amount of manual labour involved in the capture process.  In a single Windows application, Kofax provides a complete, ready-to-install solution for getting paper into a document imaging system.

Product Information


Kofax is a batch-oriented document capture application designed to process 2,000 to 50,000 documents per day at high throughput and low cost.  Kofax integrates the following features into a single packaged application:

  • Batch preparation
  • Scanning
  • Image cleanup
  • Optical character recognition
  • Indexing
  • Rescanning
  • Release of images and indexes to long term optical storage

The goal of Kofax is to reduce the long-term operating cost of production document capture.  It does this by incorporating key technologies that are normally found only in expensive turnkey imaging systems:

Kofax is designed to scale gracefully from a single workstation to 20 or more workstations.  Smaller capture operations (up to 3,000 pages per day) can run scanning, OCR, indexing, and release all on a single workstation, while larger operations can run each module on a separate workstation.  Capacity can be increased further by adding additional scan stations and index stations to the network.  Dynamic load balancing keeps every station busy at all times.

We also carry other products from Kofax, please visit Kofax's Home Page for details.



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