The award-winning Imaging Toolkit

ImageBASIC is a suite of custom controls that extend the functionality of Microsoft Visual Basic to include support for the developement of document imaging applications.

Use ImageBASIC components to develop powerful enterprise information management systems.  Whether you need a customizable desktop application with out-of-the-box functionality or a solution that includes industry-leading optical servers, document management and/or workflow systems, the ImageBASIC platform will meet your needs.

Product Overview

The ImageBASIC Platfrom offers you unrestricted development and integration capabilities in a complete, easy-to-use standards-based environment.  ImageBASIC includes VBX, 16 & 32-bit ActiveX Controls, which enable users to develop customized imaging applications that run under Windows 3.x, Window 95/98 and Window NT.

Basic Development Components Recognition & Indexing
  • TMSSequoia Display and Document Handling
  • Pixel Translations Display and Document Handling
  • Pixel Translations ISIS Scaning
  • DHS Annotation
  • BUIC Check Scanning Control
  • Xerox TextBridge OCR
  • NestorReader ICR/OCR
  • VisionShape Bar Code and Mark Sense Recognition
  • ZyLAB's ZyINDEX Full Text & Retrieval
Forms/Image Processing Optical Storage & Workflow
  • TMSSequoia ScanFix
  • TMSSequoia FormFix
  • COLD - Computer Output to Laser Disk
  • ImageBASIC for MaxRetriever COLD
  • ImageBASIC for FileNet
  • ImageBASIC for PC DOCS
  • ImageBASIC for Lotus Notes
  • ImageBASIC Tempest Optical Server

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