Maybe the best seller of Electronics Filing System in Hong Kong. Before...,  Document Management System (DMS) is something that only large company can afford, but now...

ELS Filing System is a professional document management system for any business.  It offers a high-performance infrastructure to store / locate your documents.  Most important of all, it gives you more flexibility than others in the industry; it lets you manage your information in your own style.  So that it provides not only the following goodies:

Save Office Space,
      Systematic Document Storage,
      Instant and Easy Retrieval,
      Increase Productivity and  Efficiency,
      Increase Communication,

but also,
Ease of Use
      Document Security
      Low Cost, High Return

Product Information:
Zoning Setup Allow user to pre-defined region for OCR process
ELS Builder Module for Scanning and indexing 
DocuRetriever Module for document retrieval

Special modules includes:

  • Batch Scanning -- scan batch of documents by high-speed scanner with automatic document separation techniques.
  • Jukebox management -- store , locate documents by jukebox for CD-ROM or MO diskettes.

For system overview, please click here.

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