EXE Technologies is the largest global provider of fulIillment, warehousing and distribution software. Our company's software solutions support the distribution and inventory management reg uirements of retailers, eTailers, distributors, wholesalers, eCommerce outsourcers, grocers, manufacturers and third party logistics providers.

Your warehouse is the hub of your distribution activities. To get a grip on the complex and ever-changing challenges of fulfillment, you need a solution that can integrate production operations with production execution, and enable your facility to operate efficiently.

With EXceed WMS 1000, you can enhance the use of your capital assets by utilizing every inch of the space in your warehouse and extracting every minute of productive time from each piece of equipment. The system enables you to execute and optimize fulfillment business processes to profitably fulfill your customers' demands and maximize long-term customer loyalty.

EXCeed WMS 1000 is a vital component of EXceed Fulfill, the foundation of an effective supply chain management strategy.

A benchmark in the industry, EXceed Fulfill provides robust inbound processing, outbound processing and inventory management functionality. It comprises a suite ofleading-edge modules, and comes with a strong feature set based on best practice warehouse and fulfillment centre management.

The manufacturing version of EXceed WMS 1000 was developed with the experience gained from over 1400 successful WMS implementations in 36 countries worldwide.

This industry-focused, technically ad vanced software application enables prod uction management to control all inventory movements in the manufacturing warehouse.

The powerful system excels at high-performance warehouse management, including order management, receiving, stocking, replenishment, allocation, picking, shipping and reporting.

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