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Bowe Bell+Howell Trūper 3200 Color Scanner

New Low-Volume Production Scanner From Bowe Bell + Howell Rich With Productivity-Enhancing Features
The new Trūper 3200 brings exceptional speed and a high duty cycle to the low-volume production class for scanning color and black-and-white documents. Trūper is the only scanner that comes packaged with Kofax・s new VirtualReScanR (VRS) 4.0 Plus image enhancement software. In addition, Trūper includes a USB 2.0 cable for easy installation, a power cord, and a demonstration version of Pixel Translations・ QuickScan? Pro scanning software for document capture.

With a speed of 62 pages per minute and a daily duty cycle of 10,000 pages per day, Trūper is ideal for document management in small to mid-volume applications. Trūper also works as a complement to higher volume products in distributed scanning settings to capture document images and send them to central processing and storage.

Trūper・s automatic document feeder (ADF) holds up to 200 pages and can handle documents up to 11.9; x 25; in size. For exception documents, such as older, fragile papers and data from bound documents, Trūper offers a flatbed.

Best-of-Breed Technology Increases Scanning Productivity
Trūper provides duplex (double-sided) scanning in full color, bitonal and grayscale, all in one model. Along with superior image quality and brightness, the VRS Plus software offers users Auto Color Detect, Auto Rotation and Blank-Page Deletion in one package.

Auto Color Detect automatically senses color documents and scans them in color, even when mixed with black-and-white documents. There is no need to manually pre-sort or insert patch-code sheets between color and black-and-white documents, saving time and money in document preparation. Auto Rotation automatically recognizes text on a document and reorients the scanned image. Transportation waybills, receipts and other documents can be easily read and processed by untrained operators.

Trūper・s Blank-Page Deletion feature eliminates the need to pre-sort documents into single-sided or double-sided batches. Trūper also features Multi-Color Dropout, which automatically removes up to six colors in a single document to accommodate various forms processing requirements.

Trūper・s Ultrasonic Multifeed Detection and Ultrasonic Mulitfeed Recovery capabilities save considerable time when double-feeds occur. After the Ultrasonic Multifeed Detection feature reads a double-feed, the scanner operator simply removes the double-feed, realigns the document and hits .go・ X because of Ultrasonic Multifeed Recovery, unique to Trūper through the VRS 4.0 Plus software, there・s no need to rescan a batch.

Trūper supports industry standards, such as ImageControls, ISIS or TWAIN drivers, to interface with virtually any scanning application.

Trūper Reduces Total Cost of Scanning
The Trūper scanner has several features that reduce the total cost of scanning. These features include user-replaceable rollers, user-cleanable paper paths and lamps that last the life of the scanner. Trūper reduces the total cost of scanning. The user-replaceable parts eliminate service calls for ongoing maintenance, reducing the scanner・s ongoing operational costs. A dock worker or office administrator can easily operate the scanner with minimal interruption to their daily job duties.




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