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ReadSoft FORMS

Processing different types of forms manually are a business problem, but with Readsoft FORMS, you can just relax and sit back to enjoy the automation of forms processing.

It can be a big challenge to get information from your filled-in forms into a useable format. This is especially true if your current method involves manually entering the data before it can be used in a meaningful way.

Automatic document capture is a fantastic alternative to manual entry; however, not all automatic document capture software is equal. How do you choose the right system for your needs?

Fortunately, there is a system that fulfills all forms processing needs: Eyes & HandsR FORMS from ReadSoft. A powerful automatic document capture system that is effective, reliable, and easy to use.

FORMS is a complete system for the design, publishing, and capture of information from paper, Internet forms, email, and fax. As a turnkey production system for forms processing, FORMS allows you to get into production quickly and enjoy the following benefits:

  • All types of forms can be interpreted
  • Input from paper, web, email, or fax forms
  • High processing speed and interpretation accuracy
  • Minimizes the manual work needed to capture information
  • A reliable and secure system
  • Scalable for processing from 50 to over a million forms per day
  • A well-working and proven system with a wide range of built-in functions
  • Color processing options for increased interpretation and efficient production operation
  • Capacity to feed processed information from forms directly into any host system
  • Flexibility for adaptation to any forms production environment

FORMS also includes numerous technical features that enable you to tailor it
to your particular forms processing demands.

As ReadSoft certified partner, we understand not only automatic document capture, but also how it fits into the needs of organizations and businesses that process millions of forms each year.

For more information about ReadSoft, please visit ReadSoft's Official Web Site.

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