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Bowe Bell+Howell Copiscan 8000 Spectrum Bitonal/Grayscale Scanner

Now you can have Spectrum, one of the world's fastest production scanners and very likely the best value in the industry, in a black & white and grayscale version. It costs less than what you'd expect to pay for an incredibly versatile and useful machine, but the real beauty is in the way Spectrum adds value to your scanning operation right out of the box.

Production-Grade Advantages and Features
Superior Image Quality
High-speed scanning with the Copiscan 8000 Spectrum captures everything with astounding vividness and clarity. The scanned image looks just like the original document, preserving all your valuable information. You can be confident that your OCR/ICR software will produce clear, readable text, and you can throw away the original paper. You have to see it to believe it. And when you're ready, you can upgrade to color at any time.

Intelligent Ultrasonic Multifeed: Never Miss a Double-Feed
With Spectrum, you will never have to worry about losing information due to multiple documents feeding through at the same time. Ultrasonic Multifeed detects multifeeds by sensing air gaps between paper: when a single page feeds, there is no air gap; when two documents feed through, the space between them creates an air gap. Ultrasonic multifeed from Bowe Bell + Howell catches these air gaps every time. In addition, our ultrasonic multifeed detection features an intelligence feature that can ignore documents that sometimes trigger false multifeed alerts, like photographs, labels and envelopes.

The Latest VRS Technology Built-In
Now with VRS 3.5, Spectrum users will experience optimal image quality without slowing down the scanner, even when the original documents are crooked, distorted, or obscured by complex backgrounds or are a mixture of sizes and thickness. As a result, almost no document prepping is necessary, you won't need to change settings each time you scan a different batch type (including imprinting/endorsing, patchcode and barcode recognition), and rescanning is virtually eliminated. In addition, Spectrum is the first production scanner to integrate hardware VRS so that it works with any software application using ImageControls, ISIS or TWAIN drivers. All this makes for lower labor costs, higher document throughput, a more streamlined workflow process, and the lowest total cost of scanning of any production scanning solution.

Other Advantages

  • 600,000 Scan Roller Life - Spectrum pick and separator rollers last longer than that of any other production scanner, and even last up to 250,000 scans per roller when scanning caustic NCR paper (e.g., multipage forms and receipts that use various chemicals rather than carbon paper); all rollers can be replaced individually so you can rotate the front and back rollers, allowing them to wear evenly and even last longer; Spectrum transport rollers last even longer than that of the pick and separator rollers.
  • 5,000 Hour Lamp Life - Spectrum lamps last longer and are burned in for up to 50 hours to reduce defect rates (which can be as high as 15% without burn-in); additionally, lamps can be replaced individually rather than having to replace all four lamps at one time like on other scanners
  • Production Quality Scanning - Spectrum's stainless steel transport and high-quality consumables allow users to scan 6,000 to 60,000+ documents per day with ease so you will not have to worry about downtime.
  • Elegant Clamshell Design - allows access to the entire paper path, so you never have to call a service technician just because a piece of paper jammed

And, keep in mind that should you ever realize the need for color scanning, you can upgrade at any time - quickly, easily and cost-effectively.

For more Informations, Please See the 8000 Spectrum DataSheet :


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