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Bowe Bell+Howell Copiscan 8000 Spectrum Scanner

High-speed color scanning with the Copiscan© 8000 Spectrum captures everything - photos, charts and diagrams, highlighted text, and other indispensable information - with astounding vividness and clarity. The scanned image looks just like the original document, preserving all your valuable information. You can be confident that your OCR software will produce clear, readable text, and you can throw away the original paper. You have to see it to believe it.

With new feature: Spectrum Auto Color Detect
Spectrum's new Auto Color Detect (ACD) feature does exactly as its name suggests - it correctly identifies color documents from bitonal documents automatically - without slowing down or stopping, while scanning is in process. Even if you only wish to scan a small number of your documents in color, the advantages ACD affords via uninterrupted performance are unmistakable, such as increased document capture productivity and lower storage requirements.

Only the Color You Need, Faster
The new features are only available on Bowe Bell + Howell's Copiscan 8000 Spectrum series which make color production scanning a more affordable option, even if you want to capture only a portion of your documents in color. Here's how: with Spectrum's superior paper handling capability, intelligent ultrasonic multifeed and image enhancement with VirtualReScan? (VRS) from Kofax documents now can be scanned the way they come to you-mixed together in every shape, size, color, and form. And now with Auto Color Detect, color documents scan in color, bitonal in bitonal, all simultaneously on one system. This can reduce the time needed for scanning by up to 60% over other methods. Even file sizes for your largest color images, those with color backgrounds, can be reduced by up to 40%. So now you can scan in color when you want, bitonal when you don't, all at maximum speed and minimal cost without stopping. That's flexible color scanning. And, yes, it's that easy.

Not only is Spectrum faster, more rugged (for example, it has a 60,000
document per day duty cycle), and less costly to own and operate than machines made by competitors, surprisingly enough it's much smaller. So it requires not only less time and money but less space too!

Once you've had the chance to capture documents in the form of very high quality color scans, at truly high speeds and at a remarkably low cost, you'll begin to see all kinds of possibilities for simplifying workflow, improving customer service and seizing the advantage for new business opportunities. You'll find that the combination of increased speed, reduced cost, and astonishing image quality constitutes more than a set of important improve-ments, it amounts qualitatively to a brand new, more complete, more useful, and more reliable way to store and retrieve documents. It saves time, money, and effort, cuts errors, and makes handling documents easier overall.

Copiscan© 8000 Spectrum, for all its innovativeness, remains a true, laborsaving Copiscan© 8000 Plus Series scanner, offering the same unmatched reliability, ease of use and maintenance, unerring paper handling, low cost of ownership, and incomparably high value that you've come to expect from us. Kofax VirtualReScan TM (VRS) technology built in. VRS 3.0 is a proprietary combination of circuitry and software that guarantees optimal image quality without slowing down the scanner, even when the original documents are crooked, distorted, or obscured by complex backgrounds or are a mixture of sizes and thickness. As a result, almost no document prepping is necessary, you won't need to change settings each time you scan a different batch type and rescanning is virtually elimi-nated. In addition, Spectrum is the first production scanner to integrate hardware VRS so that it works with any software application using Image Controls, ISIS or TWAIN drivers. All this makes for lower labor costs, higher document throughput, a more streamlined workflow process, and the lowest total cost of scanning overall when paired with the Copiscan© 8000 Spectrum.

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